The embodiment of all that is vile and despised in the Wasteland’s ruling order. He is the perfect corporate executive; ruthless, greedy and a general disdain for all life outside the Wasteland. Orgrathan was born after Brimstone to the same father but a different mother and has loathed and resented his older brother since. To Orgrathan, Brimstone is nothing but an inferior bastard son who is undeserving of his father’s affection. Orgrathan’s resentment of Brimstone grew as the years passed and he began to plot against his brother. Being the son of the Head of the Corporation made Orgrathan envied, feared and respected so it wasn’t hard for him to quickly surround himself with an entourage of loyal followers. In High School, Orgrathan quickly rose to prominence practically taking over the institution. Everyone did his bidding without question fearing him not only because of his father, but for his growing reputation for sadistic ruthlessness. One day, a professor in school contradicted Orgrathan in an open classroom, so Orgrathan had the professor’s entire family executed and exiled the professor into the deep barren Wasteland… a slow death sentence. Orgrathan’s arrogance and feelings of superiority only grew after High School when he, of course, entered the Corporation as a Vice President in charge of Personnel. A cushy corporate job that ensured a high paycheck with very minimal work, Orgrathan was content to spend his days as a playboy living the spoiled life of the CEO’s son. As the years passed, Orgrathan’s reputation for sadistic behavior only grew as the loyal employees of the corporation suffered. Executions, torture and exile became standard disciplinary practices. As his father began to become more and more of a recluse, Orgrathan found himself with more and more latitude to instill his harsh policies. As harsh as his policies were, Orgrathan increased the Corporations profits and holdings 100 fold, ensuring his unopposed reign over the employees of the Wasteland. Upon hearing of Brimstone’s re-emergence in the Department of Retrieval, after years of roaming the Wasteland, Orgrathan immediately promoted himself to head of the DOR in order to once again usurp his brother and oppress him. Just as it was growing up together, Brimstone refused to bend to his brother’s will and succeeded despite the obstacles Orgrathan put in his way. Outraged by his brother’s growing reputation and success, Orgrathan was instrumental in arranging Brimstone’s “promotion” to the barren Wastelands as a Borderhound, thinking he would perish but never expecting Brimstone to rise to prominence. Outdone again, Orgrathan would attempt several more times to engineer Brimstone’s demise leading to several physical confrontations. After a particularly devastating battle, the two brothers decided that leaving each other alone would be best for business. Now Orgrathan’s sights are set on taking over the family business. His ambition knows no limits and his scheming knows no shame. Orgrathan’s disdain for his brother has seemed to spawn a new sense of purpose for the executive… to take it all by any means necessary.

As a native of the Wasteland, Orgrathan has superior strength and resilience. Also as a native of the “Demonic” species, he has the primordial ability to molt into a Full Demon where he has the ability to fly on massive wings and emit “Forza Infernis”, energy blasts the can melt titanium. Even though this ability is regarded as barbaric and common by the Aristocracy of the Wasteland, and they have mostly forgotten about it, Orgrathan has honed the skill and is more than willing to use it. Other than physical powers, Orgrathan has tremendous resources at his disposal. He has control of the entire military and police forces of the Corporation and has the total loyalty of many Borderhound units which he employs as mercenaries for his own private insurrections and operations against rival dimensions and organizations.