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Humor Sells!!

Have you ever considered the possibility that a well-designed, creative, BORDERHOUNDS character promoting your product could potentially be worth a million dollars? Maybe not every Design will make a million dollars; however with the proper amount of promotion and marketing, most designs will make you a nice profit.

Everyday products that display comic or cartoon characters have the remarkable ability to generate tremendous amounts of income.

How can a BORDERHOUNDS character earn you money you ask? Consider the success story of Eskimo Joe's in Oklahoma. Entrepreneur Stan Clark turned a simple Eskimo and dog cartoon logo design into a multi-million dollar clothing company. Interestingly enough, an amateur artist did the art! The Hard Rock Cafe only surpasses his t-shirt sales!

In one year, annual worldwide retail sales from publishing, TV shows, and licensing of Peanuts® products have exceeded well over $1 billion. (Literally off of a boy and his dog)! For an example, MetLife commissioned Snoopy as their mascot.

In the same year, the retail sales from entertainment and character licensing were an astonishing $74.2 billion. You can never forget what Walt Disney once said, "... it was all started by a mouse." Simply put… Who does not know super heroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk, Wolverine, Batman, Superman, etc? How about the ever-famous Monster from monster.com? Why not starts your own character moneymaking machine?

Why not give theBORDERHOUNDS a shot at helping you sell or promote YOUR product or business!!!

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